The Feast of the dedication of the Basilicas of Saints Peter and Paul-November 18

Today, November 18, is the Feast Day in the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church of the dedication of the basilicas of the two illustrious patrons of the Church of Rome:  Saints Peter and Paul.  Two men who came out of the East (from lands now dominated by Islam), one a brilliant scholar and the other a humble fishermen whom Our Lord took from his boat on the Lake of Galilee and brought him to Rome to make him Prince of the Church.  These two men, by the power of the Holy Spirit the resided within them, utterly transformed the world in a way that men have found unfathomable ever since.  Sancti apostoli Petre et Paule, ora pro nobis!


St. Peter's Basilica-Rome

St. Peter’s Basilica-Rome (taken by me April 24, 2013)


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